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DIVERSION PLAN Senate Bill 1383

Background:        Since 1974 St. George Greek Orthodox Church has hosted a Greek Food Festival on its grounds at 401 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield, CA. Our attendance varies from 3,000 to 5,000 people over the three-day event.  This year’s event will take place October 13-15, 2023. For the past ten years we have separated Recyclables from Landfill trash, partnering with the City of Bakersfield renting their 45-gallon blue recyclables cans.  We purchased our own black 45-gallon trash cans years ago.



SB 1383 requirement of Green Organics, Blue Recyclables and Black Landfill:         Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste to the landfill. We intend to do the following:

  1. Rent 4 green 45-gallon cans from the City of Bakersfield for organics, placing two at each end of our dining tents in the park.
  2. Rent 10 blue 45-gallon cans from the City of Bakersfield for recyclables placed around the park.
  3. Use our own 10 black 45-gallon cans for landfill trash placed around the park.
  4. Label each can with its appropriate pictorial sign
  5. Rent both black and green 3-yard bins from the City of Bakersfield. We currently have a Blue 3-yard bin on site year-round and will utilize it during the event.
  6. Use compostable liners for the green organics cans.
  7. Post on our festival website information on SB 1383 along with the pictorial signs so our guests can view ahead of time our goal to reduce the amount of waste to the landfill.

By implementing these measures, we plan on reducing waste in the landfill by 25%.

Respectfully submitted by,


Danny Andrews

Parish Council Member